i know you did not ask me
to put in my two cents
and clearly you don’t want to know
what I think it meant

but here’s the thing I know the truth
my opinion you don’t need
but if you’re smart, you may see
my warning you should heed

you’re old enough and all grown up
sure, you know what’s best
so, here’s the deal
i’ll shut my mouth and life can be your mess

i know without me
you’d survive
my meddlings’ not a must
it’s because I care
we come as a pair
and it’s together forever or bust

I don’t remember writing this, but clearly it came from a moment of frustration. Once again probably putting my nose in where it wasn’t wanted. I will not apologize for wanting to help, or caring.

Sometimes I’m sure my efforts are misplaced but I can guarantee that they always come for the heart, if my children are involved.

Maybe one day they will look back and say “mom” we are so glad you’re nosey and a communication bully, I don’t know if I could have survived without you. LOL #momgetoutmybusiness