If you’re reading this, I am vulnerable, you will have the ability to judge my opinions, experiences, values and most of all my heart. Worn edges reflects my soul, sharing strengths, weaknesses, failures and successes. The poetry defines my joy, humour, humanity, worries, struggles, frustrations and fears.

I have been gathering experiences and information, coaching and mothering for 21 years. My passion is people, their learning process, their depths of joy and sorrow, everything about the human plight fascinates me. I have a layered understanding of what it takes to keep moving forward. My mission is to be a better person today then I was yesterday, a better person tomorrow than I am today.

I live by the motto the truth will set you free, I tell my children, you may not like the truth or the outcome, but it will strengthen you into the best version of yourself, it will make you a survivor and not a victim.

Like broken glass in the ocean, we are rolled and tumbled through life, slowly stepping away from our jagged edges, to become a different version of who we once were. Embrace the journey or not, the waters will still rush, and the waves will still swell. Edges will always be worn, what we do with them is our choice.



the beauty in her song

my image it is changing in the mirror everyday

i look to find the young girl who would have traded her looks away

she never really understood just what life should be

if only we could turn back time change what that young girl sees

that life will be all up and downs, laughter, tears and pain

that we can’t control the outcome in the end of what remains

as the years turn into decades and the mirror starts to fade

she sees its not from things that destiny is made

its from kindness one can grow so strong

being able to admit when you have been wrong

its from laughter that the heart can soar

from our children’s mouths to god’s door

its from pain and suffering we earn a life degree

darkness of these times can make things hard to see

but the sun always rises, and morning always comes

the world keeps on turning no matter how hard for some

old lady in the mirror wont trade these lines away

she now sees all the beauty in the changing of the days ”

times ahead will still be hard, and nights will still seem long

but what the mirror shows her now is the beauty in her song