Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling engages creativity, encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. In this fun and thought provoking workshop you will be inspired to evolve, expand your possibilities, create momentum and fire your flow. Establishing values, goal setting and problem solving are just the beginning of what visual journaling can bring to your life. I can say this with absolute certainty because it has brought all that and so much more into mine.

Client Connection

 Focus on communications with co-workers and clients. Bringing awareness to the importance of balancing technology with personal interactions. Important messages are exchanged, through body language, tone of voice, language inflections, these are lost through email and text.


 In a social media driven society the relationship we have with ourselves and others has been made more challenging. In this workshop explore the idea of connection, what it truly means  and how to get it back.

The kaleidoscope of Perspective

The challenge of changing perspective, looking at any given situation at varying degrees, is a valuable learning tool that will enrich work and personal life.