My soul is crying
People are lying
To others, but mostly to themselves

I’m better than others and so are my kids
I pretend that I care, as long as you know
I’m better than you
I have more friends
My house is bigger
I have more things

Look at me, my kids can run faster than yours
They deserve more privileges than yours
I do good things for others, don’t you know

Although don’t cross me, because I will squash you
Squash you like the bug you are

Include you, why would I do that
I’d rather pretend to include you and then exclude you behind your back
I’m better than you, you know that I’m right
I will never see past my own nose

So don’t bother to enlighten me
It’s you who will waste your time and tears
I’m better than you don’t you know

I feel like more than ever parents are involved in their children’s lives, yet not necessarily in a good way. Hockey, dance, theatre you name it. Parents are in there pushing for what’s best for their child, often not giving thought to what’s best for all the children. In the old days we cared about the community our children were growing up in. Now I feel like more often than not, many parents only care about their own child and screw the next guy. Today I’m your friend, tomorrow I will throw you under the bus if need be, to show the world my kids better than yours and I’m the winner.

I feel like there is a sense of entitlement. Like everybody thinks their kid has a right to be the chosen one, you’re my kid and you’re special, special, special. How sad for the children once they get out in the world and realize. Sure they are special, to their own parents. Out in the real world, they’re just like the next guy. Trying to find their way in a day to day world. Where hard work, is still the thing that actually gets you ahead at the end of the day. What do you mean, I’m not special. My parents told me I was different. My parents lead me to believe that I had special rights. Sorry little ones, turns out it’s a world of hard knocks and nobody gets out without a few bruises. The sooner your taught that the better, my friend. Sorry parents, news flash, you can’t live your broken dreams through your child. Guess what, it makes you look like an asshole.