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a question

“Does anyone know where the love of god goes? When the waves turn the minutes to hours?”

Taking Back
our Power

On any given day, under any given set of circumstances, the balance of how we feel about ourselves, that precarious never-ending journey of self actualization, can be tipped. Are we relevant, are we doing enough, are we contributing?

The Gravity of Parenting

I heard something on the tv the other day that planted a brain seed. They were talking about figure skaters and how they have to go against their natural instincts. I’m not a physics girl, but it did start me thinking.

Hello my old friend, I miss you!

I want to be me, really be myself. I long for that feeling, to live like you were dying, be exactly who you want to be. I long to be around like-minded people. I am blessed, loving, grateful and I want to share my full personality with the world.