everyone is broken, everyone feels bent

everyone has second thoughts

about messages they’ve sent

every life has meaning, or that is what were told

but thoughts without the actions, for me it grows quite old

i’m just trying to do my best, with my heart I lead

but often I’m left standing here with my heart a bleed

i’m bleeding for humanity, I’m bleeding for the fight

i’m bleeding for the ignorance, we hold so very tight

i’m bleeding for the hope, that someday things will clear

i’m bleeding for the need in me, to hold those I love so very near

i’m bleeding for the dream, that those just out of sight

will get their day of reckoning and the world will make things right

i’m bleeding for the could have been

i’m bleeding for years gone by

i’m bleeding for the blissful ignorance

I’m bleeding for someone to want to try

i feel I’m bleeding and I’m bleeding, and you can’t understand

in the end it doesn’t matter, who has the upper hand