The Cost!


good you’re right

i’m so glad for you

you are right, and I am wrong

trust me

i hear your song


good you’re right

i’m so glad for you

let’s put your foot in the other shoe


when you’re right

you may feel on top

but what you don’t hear

is the other person’s thought

you are right and I am wrong

can be a very lonely song


I’m right I’m right

and you are wrong

you will look around and it won’t be long

you’ll have no one who cares

or anyone that can bare


how right you are

unwilling to bend

not looking at the outcome

not caring about a friend


i am feeling very sad for you

that you cannot see

the cost of being right for you

may be the loss of me

I wrote this poem in a moment of frustration. I felt that the communication about whatever we were discussing had turned from productive, to them, wanting to win.

Communication is one of the hardest things to master in life, and I am working on mine every day.

When you are in a disagreement or talking about something that is upsetting. Often it seems the conversation can turn to a win and lose situation. Instead of the other person listening to the deeper meaning, it feels like their only objective is to win. At this point, communication is lost, and progress is not being made. I am guilty of this myself at times. Now I truly see, if you look at communication as something that can be won, it is very hard to make progress on the subject at hand.