Worry is probably hands down the toughest thing I have had to deal with in my life.

Sometimes I wonder if my worry is caused by how incredibly blessed I am, at this point in my life. I love my life, and am extremely grateful for the blessings I have been given. I see very clearly how fast things can change, and I have never been good with changes. I think it comes from my insecurities. Maybe I don’t feel like I’m strong enough to deal with changes, and yet when I’m faced with being backed into the corner of change I always end up coping and walking thru. It’s that feeling of the change coming, or looming, that I resist.

On any given day, at any given time I can find something to worry about.
Some days my worrying can be debilitating and cause great amounts of anxiety.
This can come out in many different ways, from, sadness, anger, fear, impatience, not being able to settle or be content.

Over the years I have learned many ways of dealing with worry, but I fear at this point in my life I may never be free of this very heavy weight that burdens my day to day.
I may be stuck with using the tools I’ve learn to cope.

Everyone has things that cause them trouble in life, maybe this is my cross to bare, and that is why I have decided to write about it, and dissect the reasons I feel it happens to me and the things I do, to get past it. Maybe my worry can help others deal with their worry.