Repeat without remorse

Here is what I have learned

Taking Back
our Power

On any given day, under any given set of circumstances, the balance of how we feel about ourselves, that precarious never-ending journey of self actualization, can be tipped. Are we relevant, are we doing enough, are we contributing?

The Gravity of Parenting

I heard something on the tv the other day that planted a brain seed. They were talking about figure skaters and how they have to go against their natural instincts. I’m not a physics girl, but it did start me thinking.

Hello my old friend, I miss you!

I want to be me, really be myself. I long for that feeling, to live like you were dying, be exactly who you want to be. I long to be around like-minded people. I am blessed, loving, grateful and I want to share my full personality with the world.

I really want to listen

It is rare in today's society to find people with really good listening skills. By listening skills I mean. Listening on a deeper level to what that person is really saying.


Over the years I have learned many ways of dealing with worry, but I fear at this point in my life I may never be free of this very heavy weight that burdens my day to day.